date_range8 October, 2021
access_alarm7 pm CET

“A Section of Now”, CCA book launch

With: Alexandra Pereira-Edwards, Albert Ferré, and Julia Albani from the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

A Section of Now aims to re-establish a dialogue between architecture and society that would allow for architecture to begin to contend with and address our changed and changing social norms. The publication serves as a meditation on new behaviours, rituals, and values and their spatial implications, and seeks to catalyze urban and architectural interventions that accommodate, influence, and, in some cases, pre-empt our new lived realities. Authors address topics ranging from the safety of digital spaces to how normative life trajectories affect the elderly and the many selves each of us puts forward, while architects present frameworks for spaces for blended families, thirty-year-old retirees, and contested monuments, among many others. Bringing together analytical essays about the contemporary moment and the direction in which society is moving, projective texts that outline new architectural types to address societal needs, alongside television series, photography, and architecture and design projects, A Section of Now outlines a new relationship between the spaces in which we live and the ways we live within them.

Aunties, 2015. © Nadia Sablin

Alexandra Pereira-Edwards is an Editor at the CCA. Having worked variously in publishing and product design, she holds a Master of Architecture and has published her work and writing internationally.

Albert Ferré is the CCA’s Associate Director, Publications since 2012. Trained as an architect in Barcelona, he previously served in numerous editorial positions at Actar, the Prince Claus Fund, and the magazine Quaderns.

Julia Albani is a curator, critic, and communication strategist. Trained as an art and architecture historian, she has worked at the CCA since 2016, where she presently leads international relations and press.

The Canadian Centre for Architecture is an international research institution and museum premised on the belief that architecture is a public concern. We produce exhibitions and publications, develop and share our collection as a resource, advance research, offer public programs, and host a range of other activities driven by a curiosity about how architecture shapes—and might reshape—contemporary life. We invite collaborators and the wider public to engage with our activities, giving new relevance to architectural thinking in light of current disciplinary and cultural issues.

A Section of Now
Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)
A Section of Now

Social Norms and Rituals as Sites for Architectural Intervention

With contributions from Andrea Bellavita, Tei Carpenter, Mario Gooden, Melissa Harris, Helen Hester, Sam Jacob, Andrés Jacque, Joanne McNeil, Ann Neumann, Nina Power, Anna Puigjaner, Karla Rothstein, Hilary Sample, Jen Schradie, SO-IL, Traumnovelle, and Sumayya Vally

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