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Representation of Labor

Philip Ursprung

In “Representation of Labor”, Philip Ursprung discusses – with the help of authors like Harun Farocki and Guy Debord – the invisibility of alienated labor on the basis of the economic current economic system. With this, he argues that the discussion about the representation of labor should also be a discussion about the role of architects in society.

Author: Philip Ursprung

Edited by: Francisco Díaz, Francisco Quintana

Publisher: Ediciones ARQ

Design: Trinidad Sánchez

Dimensions: 12 X 17 cms

Number of pages: 128

Language: English, Spanish

Cover: Soft Cover w/ Jacket

ISBN: 978-956-9571-56-5

First year edition: 2018


Quaderns Biennale 2021
Quaderns Biennale 2021
Quaderns Biennale 2021
Quaderns Biennale 2021


Maria Arnal, Míriam Garcia, Pablo Martínez, Josep Perelló, Xavier Querol, Mar Santamaria, Olga Subirós, Jordi Sunyer et al.