Kenzo Tange

Gli anni della rivoluzione formale 1940/1970 (The years of the formal revolution 1940/1970)

Giusi Ciotoli, Marco Falsetti

Focusing on the period 1960/2020, the volume outlines a precise period of Tanghian research, projecting it within the Japanese cultural sphere and at the same time tracing that web of contacts and stimuli that has always been interwoven with the West. Contextualizing Tange’s work within his various critical seasons (from the symbolic language of his beginnings to the ‘megastructural’ plans of the 1960s), the book fills a fundamental gap in his studies on the architect, also making use of redesigns and unpublished materials from archive, including some photos taken by the Maestro.

Author: Giusi Ciotoli, Marco Falsetti

Edited by: Franco Angeli

Publisher: FrancoAngeli

Dimensions: 15,4 x 22,7 cms

Number of pages: 320

Language: Italian

Cover: Soft Cover w/ Jacket

ISBN: 9788835117995

First year edition: 2021


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Design Struggles
Design Struggles
Design Struggles

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