Haus der Architektur

LandLeben (CountryLife)

Aktuelle Strategien für das Landleben von morgen (Recent strategies for tomorrow's rural living)

Texts by the exhibition participants

Publication accompanying the same-named exhibition at the Haus der Architektur.

The increasing migration from rural areas to the cities, which results in empty buildings and demographic change in village structures, is a global phenomenon not restricted to Austria or Styria – although the causes behind the development of course differ. The result is a diminishing infrastructure (doctors, schools, shops, public transport), which only speeds up the downward spiral. What possibilities and approaches can be used to slow down or even reverse this negative development? The exhibition shows selected examples of revitalisation in villages and rural municipalities developed with the support of architects, politicians and planners, and reveals different strategies used to successfully reactivate rural spaces.

The exhibition was part of the Future Architecture Platform program.

Author: Texts by the exhibition participants

Edited by: Haus der Architektur, Beate Engelhorn

Publisher: Haus der Architektur

Design: Vera Schabbon

Dimensions: 14,8 x 21 cms

Number of pages: 72

Language: German, English

Cover: Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-3-901174-88-9

First year edition: 2020


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