date_range5 October, 2021
access_alarm7 pm CET

Landscapes of Care

With: Chiara Dorbolò, dpr-barcelona

We live in a society where critical discourse about care-centered practices are often reduced to exceptional acts of resistance towards the neoliberal rules that dictate the boundaries of the architecture practice. This is far from true: many people fight in their everyday life to promote a built environment that supports care. With our selection of books, we want to acknowledge this growing movement towards a new way of practicing, analyzing, and discussing the built environment.

Landscapes of Care
 © Chiara Dorbolò

Chiara Dorbolò is an architect and researcher working between storytelling, criticism, and design and Future Architecture fellow 2021. She worked in multiple architecture and interior design offices in the Netherlands, and since her graduation in 2017, she is a contributing editor at Failed Architecture. In 2020, she was among the recipients of the Talent Development Grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. Currently, she teaches online at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and lives in Madrid.

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