Puente editores

Palacios comunales atemporales

Genealogía y anatomía

Iñaki Ábalos

Two decades after his seminal book The Good Life, Iñaki Ábalos revisits different ways of life, this time not in the modernity, but through communal structures throughout history. Palacios comunales atemporales is a study on the persistent existence of large spatial structures dedicated to housing collectivities united by alternative vital positions to the family way of life. Although he is interested in the spiritual and/or political principles that animate these structures, his research focuses on the coherence between their impressive architectural beauty, their spatial organization, and their economic and ecological strategies. Also in what Michel Foucault called “the technologies of the self” that each initiative implies.

Author: Iñaki Ábalos

Edited by: Moisés Puente

Publisher: Puente editores

Design: Gonzalo Pérez Ara

Dimensions: 19 x 26 cms

Number of pages: 128

Language: Spanish

Cover: Soft Cover

ISBN: 9788412198119

First year edition: 2020