Kailas Editorial

Territorios improbables

Historias sobre lugares que (casi) no sabías que existían

Pedro Torrijos

What we humans do is to build. From that electrifying moment in which we put one foot on the ground for the very first time and start walking. But then, it turns out that under our foot there is a Lego piece that we had thrown before from the cradle, then we take it and fit it with another. Yes, we build. We build a life, we build a love, we build families, houses, roads, cities, airports, and spaceships. We transform places into new places. Sometimes they are trivial changes, and sometimes they are amazing. And the amazing facts turn into stories. 

“Territorios improbables” (Improbable Territories) is a journey through the stories that built such extraordinary places that often don’t even appear in guidebooks. Small tales and monumental feats. Success’ chronicles, failures, empty beaches and flying boats. Stories of cities enclosed in buildings and time-travel buildings. Of concrete scars and papier-mâché castles. Stories about houses and families. Love and road stories. Life stories.

Author: Pedro Torrijos

Edited by: Iñigo Gil

Publisher: Kailas Editorial

Design: Luis Brea, Loreto Iglesias, Lara Lars

Dimensions: 17 x 23 cms

Number of pages: 336

Language: Spanish

Cover: Soft Cover w/ Jacket

ISBN: 978-84-17248-82-6

First year edition: 2021


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Interior Realms
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