Beyond the Threshold

Women, houses, and cities

Zaida Muxí Martínez

Beyond the Threshold responds to the common question of “Where are the women architects?” by looking at the history of architecture, urban planning, and spatial criticism through the lens of women who have made significant contributions, ignored or misappropriated by others in general recollections. The relevance of the book lies not only in the due recognition accorded to these contributions, but in the constant reminder of looking beyond the image of reality we are usually presented. By reviving the role of women such as Octavia Hill, Ada Louise Huxtable, or Jakoba Mulder, all too often unmentioned in architecture schools curricula, Beyond the Threshold opens up a world of voices, practices, and approaches that offer a viable alternative to the dominating narrative. As the book guides us closer and closer to the present day, it equips us with examples and arguments to search, highlight, and support not only feminist practitioners, in their often non-linear, complex and hard-to-categorize careers, but most of all feminist approaches to the spatial professions, challenging the current value system of the discipline.

— Chiara Dorbolò, Curator of the Architecture Book Fair 2021

Author: Zaida Muxí Martínez

Publisher: dpr-barcelona

Design: Francesc Polop

Dimensions: 13 x 21 cms

Language: English (Translation: Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons)

Cover: Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-84-949388-6-3

ASIN: 978-84-122529-2-7

First year edition: 2021


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