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Your Pop up Fair —

Credit: MAO Museum of Architecture and Design

For us, books are both tools of discussion and spaces of encounter. Such encounters are far better when made with friends and comrades. With this philosophy we have convened the publishers that are blurring the boundaries in the field of publishing and divulgation of architecture and its intersection with politics, technology, economy and social issues.

The fair is nomadic, as new discourses are being waved from other nodes and ways of knowledge. This nomad spirit allows the fair to pop-up and merge with other events and places, being virtually or in vis-à-vis format.

If you host an architectural event, contact us to find the best way to adapt the format and methodology to your goals and allow that carefully curated collections reach your audience. We take care in contacting publishers and allies, elaborate a communication strategy that reinforce and spread your message, organise site-specific events and reading rooms, elaborate a report to support your commitments with funders and sponsors.

We offer you:
  • Advice on topic selection and a curator.
  • Launch of the virtual fair platform, with a specific design or applying the corporate identity of the contracting entity.
  • Contact and management with publishers.
  • Communication strategy and implementation.
  • Events (Reading Room, round tables, conferences, …).
  • Coordination with the team that manages the event (festival, biennial, triennial, gallery, museum, …).
  • Elaboration of a final report, for the client and their sponsors.

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