Writing and reading are where our references, intuitions, passions, friendships, take the form of different wor(l)ds.


We have assembled a set of playlists curated by friends and comrades who love books and music to share. Relax and enjoy the music!

#1 Listening now

Our first playlist is devoted to our favourite topic: Books. Listen to these 11 songs about books and enjoy your reading time.

#2 Deep listening for deep reading

This playlist has been assembled by our comrade, John Hill. John is an architect and writer who blogs at A Daily Dose of Architecture Book and edits the World-Architects English Newsletter. His latest book is Buildings in Print: 100 Influential & Inspiring Illustrated Architecture Book.

#3 Collapsed in Sunbeams

A playlist assembled by Carlos Lanuza, architect, writer, and researcher. It has been conceived to be listened as one continuous album. Every song has been chosen by its lyrics, they have a message of land, companionship or love, with an electronic feel.

#4 Home: Imaginaries of Terror // Imaginaries of Warmth

Playlist offered by Dubravka Sekulić. Architect focused on the transformation of the built environment at the nexus between politics, law, and economy. Senior Tutor (Research) at the RCA + amateur librarian at the public library at Memory of the World, maintaining space/race + feminist collections.

#5 Dear Denise by Florencia Rodríguez

Writing and reading share the beautiful duality of being intimate actions that silently connect u to others. Both have been essential in the exploration of my voice. My relation to music was inherent to a personal process, listening to female musicians while I write feels comforting and empowering.


Storytelling comes in many forms: find here contents related with the publishers, the writers, and the books that are part of the Architecture Book Fair, expanding the conventional understanding of what a book is.

Mishal Husain reads an extract from ‘The Battle for Home’, Marwa al-Sabouni
Beyond Books: Roo Dhissou in conversation with Sabba Khan
‘Patologías Contemporáneas.’ Francisco Díaz in conversation with Anna Puigjaner
Cuir Roman Times And Desvarial typefaces. Learn and download the typography experiments
Cuir Roman Times And Desvarial typefaces. Learn and download the typography experiments
‘Borders of Care,’ Carlos Lanuza for the Future Architecture CEx2021
‘What Do Landscapes Say?’ NOMAOS for the Future Architecture CEx2021
‘A Bestiary of the Anthropocene’ with Nicolas Nova, Maria Roszkowska, and Nicolas Maigret
‘Hacer mucho con poco (Do More With Less)’ Trailer

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