Al Borde

Less is all

Al Borde, Andrea Griborio

“Less is our universe” is the motto that summarizes Al Borde’s philosophy and practice. Their work transcends the premise of the economy of resources to simply solve what needs to be solved with what is available in order to be solved from architecture. Al Borde is composed of Pascual Gangotena, David Barragán, Marialuisa Borja and Esteban Benavides. Their way of doing is also their way of being. This book condenses the highlights of their work, and it is classified into two forms of contextual relationships: first, the projects designed for common people in common places with common materials; and second, the projects anchored to objective conditions that use others’ subjectivities as a creative tool. Al Borde’s work seeks to do the necessary with the elementary, to reiterate that less is all.

Author: Al Borde, Andrea Griborio

Edited by: Andrea Griborio

Publisher: Arquine

Design: Cristina Paoli

Dimensions: 18 x 22 cms

Number of pages: 160

Language: Spanish and English

Cover: Softbound

ISBN: 978-607-9489-64-9

First year edition: 2020


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