Myriad Editions

The Roles we Play

Sabba Khan

Sabba Khan’s touching graphic memoir could not make more evident the importance of space in the quest for one’s belonging. In all its possible declinations at different scales, from a bed to a dam’s infrastructure, architecture becomes the physical manifestation of displacement, immigration, diaspora, heritage, and above all, identity. The tragic history of the British Pakistani diaspora and the author’s journey of self-discovery blend into a universal story that offers guidance in the search for one’s essence beyond all the roles we play, and beyond all different versions of ourselves. The publication’s poignant drawings also turn space into a compelling metaphor to explore the most abstract and invisible aspects of navigating life as a contemporary British Pakistani woman, but at the same time they offer a space of introspection and self-care for all of us. The nuanced story of this book offers criticism as well as redemption for the spaces we inhabit, and above all, a vivid awareness of the role of domestic, urban, and geographic spaces in welcoming or rejecting, including or displacing.

— Chiara Dorbolò, Curator of the Architecture Book Fair 2021

Edited by: Corinne Pearlman

Publisher: Myriad Editions

Design: Corinne Pearlman and Sabba Khan

Dimensions: 17 x 24 cms

Number of pages: 272

Language: English

Cover: Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-1-912408-30-6

First year edition: 2021


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